AN UNSUNG STORY Mentorship can unlock SMMEs
Six years ago, Peterson Khumalo waved goodbye to the comfort of a regular office job, for a less certain future as an entrepreneur. Today, his accounting and auditing firm is
09 Feb 2018
FUELED BY INNOVATION Achieving total safety within our continental airspace
The aviation industry can be a turbulent place to be, requiring at all times a firm hand on the controls. The CEO of state-owned company Air Traffic and Navigation Services,
22 Jan 2018
FOCUS ON GROWTH How Africa can negotiate an effective continental free trade area agreement
African countries are forging ahead to complete negotiations for a continental free trade area between 55 countries by early next year. The idea, adopted by the African Union in
22 Jan 2018
TARGETING THE DEVELOPMENT OF SKILLS IN EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES SAASTA will showcase advances in nanotechnology, and hydrogen and fuel cell technologies
The South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA) is a business unit of the National Research Foundation (NRF) with the mandate to advance public awareness,
22 Jan 2018
Opportunity is always present. Even when immediate prospects seem murky and grim, there is something to be pulled out of the fire. You simply have to know where to look. Of
22 Jan 2018 - G. P.
ECONOMY No one should be left behind
Any discussion about building a South Africa that belongs to all and therefore about transforming the South African economy must acknowledge that South Africa, with a Gini
22 Jan 2018
EDUCATION INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Time means that education is either about communicating content or teaching people to think. If you focus on communicating content, like getting through the CAPS Curriculum each year, you will not be able to adequately deliver on teaching learners to think.
If you focus on teaching learners to think, you can feed them as much content as you want and they will be able to interpret, understand and use that content as and when they
08 Jan 2018
SMME OPPORTUNITY ROADSHOW, CAPE TOWN Kholeka August, Sales & Marketing Manager, Zibonele FM
Kholeka August, Sales & Marketing Manager, Zibonele FM addresses SMMEs at the Cape Town leg of the SMME Opportunity Roadshow, 2017
27 Nov 2017
2017 SMME OPPORTUNITY ROADSHOW SMME Opportunity Roadshow, Cape Town 2017 - 5 min Overview
SMME Opportunity Roadshow Cape Town 2017 Overview
27 Nov 2017


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