PPC - SOLUTIONS DRIVEN APPROACH Solutions-driven approach critical to ensure lasting road design
As more South Africans invest in cars of their own, our local road infrastructure remains under pressure both in terms of new road development and existing road maintenance. A
21 Oct 2016
HEDGE FUNDS: IS SA PLAYING SECOND FIDDLE? Reflections on the hedge fund industry from the recent ASSA Investments Conference
At the recent ASSA conference in Sandton, a panel of leading hedge fund managers participated in a robust discussion of hedge funds and their long road to freedom. Says Bruce
07 Oct 2016
AFRICA’S POWER CHALLENGES Decentralisation, hybrid models may answer Africa’s power challenges
The decentralisation of power generation and distribution, and hybrid models that put some power sector control into the hands of private entities, were among the long-term
07 Oct 2016
FINANCIAL SERVICES NEEDS TO RADICALLY RETHINK CRIME PROTECTION AND PREVENTION Economic crime in financial services outpaces other industries Increased spending on compliance fails to reduce economic crime
Despite significantly increasing investment in compliance and being continuously under the scrutiny of regulators, economic crime in Financial Services has increased, showing new
07 Oct 2016
POSITIVE ECONOMIC OUTLOOK Collaboration between financial sector stakeholders critical to positive economic outlook
As one of the integral pillars of the South African economy, the short-term insurance industry is fundamental to the country’s financial prosperity. Without it, risks that
07 Oct 2016
REMANUFACTURING The win-win of remanufacturing
Remanufacturing is gaining traction around the world and local companies in the automotive sector are stepping up their capabilities, driven by market demand. Frank Rovelli, CEO
07 Oct 2016
CONFERENCE Launching GovTech 2016
The countdown has begun for SA’s biggest ICT convention
06 Oct 2016
CELLPHONE TAX How to tax cellphones in the workplace
South African businesses depend on mobile phones, computers and telecom services to keep their businesses running smoothly. Depending on whether the devices are employer- or
28 Sep 2016
THE AGILE WORKFORCE Why HR must take the strategic lead
Most organisations are under pressure to evolve their businesses at a faster pace as they try to get in step with rapid changes in the business landscape, technology and customer
28 Sep 2016


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