FUTURE CITIES Redefining the importance of architecture and design
2008 saw the world reach a quietly unpublicised milestone when, for the first time in history, over half of our global population could be found living in cities. This new era of
03 Nov 2016
SAVE THE DATE: MANDATORY ME-TIME! Give yourself the night off and revel in the luxury of saying, “it’s All About Me!”
As women, we are so busy hurtling through life, trying to balance the demands of work and home that our own wants and needs tend to get forgotten. And while stress is seen as
01 Nov 2016
SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION Concrete innovation paves way for sustainable construction
While “concrete” and “innovation” may seem an unlikely match, the latest solutions in this space are challenging perceptions and uses in the construction
31 Oct 2016
LEARNERSHIP TAX INCENTIVES FOR BUSINESS Treasury proposes extension of learnership tax incentives for business
Introduced in 2009, the incumbent learnership tax incentives, designed to encourage skills development by companies, came to a conclusion at the end of September this year. 
28 Oct 2016
ENTREPRENEURS Job creation by young entrepreneurs
entrepreneurs, china, art, design, international building material
25 Oct 2016
GLOBAL CAPITAL FUELLING AFRICAN PROPERTY MARKETS This year’s summit will feature various discussions on innovative strategies and collaboration, as well as showcasing new real estate opportunities and projects across Africa
Despite Africa’s slowdown; property developers and private equity funds continue to pour investment into the continent, but with more focused strategies.  “Over
24 Oct 2016
GROWTH IN E-COMMERCE Taxation and the exponential growth in e-commerce
The world has undergone an electronic and digitisation revolution over the past 10-20 years, and development in this regard is steeper than ever. The global economy is speeding
24 Oct 2016
POCKETS OF GROWTH SA Property Growth Remains Stagnant But Commercial Sector Offers Pockets Of Growth
Nearly a decade since the bottom fell out of the property market, the global financial crisis of 2008 continues to cast its long shadow in South Africa. The gloom is made worse by
24 Oct 2016
BUILDING A BETTER WORKING WORLD Staying the Course, Despite a Relative Economic Slow Down
According to EY’s (www.EY.com) 2016 Africa attractiveness program 2016, Staying the course, despite a relative slow down, Sub-Saharan Africa remains one of the
21 Oct 2016


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