Finance and Economics
Economic lift-off Atlantis Special Economic Zone receives official designation
Following years of hard work and preparation by all spheres of government, cabinet has given the go ahead for the designation of the Atlantis Special Economic Zone. The 124.5
20 Sep 2018
Growth Under Pressure New JSE listings reflect diversity and opportunity
While South African economic growth remains under pressure, the JSE saw an increase in the number of listings on the exchange in 2017 compared to the previous year. On 15 December
06 Jul 2018
ECONOMY No one should be left behind
Any discussion about building a South Africa that belongs to all and therefore about transforming the South African economy must acknowledge that South Africa, with a Gini
22 Jan 2018
Smart ID and Passports Age group extended for Smart ID applicants at banks
Citizens from  25 – 40 age group will from Monday be able to apply for their Smart ID Card and passport at four of the country’s banks, says Home Affairs
18 May 2016
Press release Franklin Templeton expands its product offerings in South Africa
Templeton Africa Fund and Templeton Global Aggregate Investment Grade Bond Fund registered with FSB, widening the range of offshore products available to South African investors
08 Sep 2013
Greece rejoins emerging markets Welcoming back the Greeks
International equity index provider MSCI has confirmed Greece’s sojourn among the ranks of “developed markets” would end later this year.
23 Jul 2013
BETI shows further signs of a return to normal 'Normal' should be a celebration
A return to 'normal' economic growth may not be entirely satisfactory to the average South African, but with the BETI showing the economy is stabilising, 'normal' should be cause for celebration.
17 Jul 2013
Investment adventures in emerging markets Mark Mobius gives his advice about the best time to invest
The late Sir John Templeton, gave a marvelously simple answer when asked when the best time to invest was: “Young lady, the best time to invest is when you have money”.
01 Jul 2013
Business complexity on the increase Unconventional leadership leverages complexity for advantage
Business complexity is on the increase in South Africa, according to KPMG’s Confronting Complexity South Africa report.
25 Jun 2013
Good news from BETI BankservAfrica Economic Transaction Index comes close to confirming economic upturn
The South African economy is bouncing back. According to the latest BankservAfrica Economic Transaction Index (BETI)
09 May 2013
BETI update BETI reveals economic recovery marred by school and Easter holiday
Just when a confirmation of economic recovery was most needed, South Africans and their economy went on holiday, according to the latest BankservAfrica Economic Transaction Index (BETI).
11 Apr 2013 - J. M.
Financial literacy Reading the financial writing on the wall: the importance of demystifying the language of finance
It's not impossible to gain a basic financial understanding of business. This could make the difference between success and failure for an organisation, says veteran instructor Colin Firer from the UCT GSB.
15 Mar 2013 - S. M.

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