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Micromine Africa donates software licenses to university

Craig Peek, MICROMINE Africa's customer services manager
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Stellenbosch University Senior Lecturer, Dr Ian Basson, notes that fourth year geology students have shown a significant improvement in their understanding of 3D modelling since MICROMINE Africa donated 10 Micromine licenses in February 2012. Micromine is the company’s namesake exploration and mine design solution.

Micromine allows for the capture, management and interpretation of critical mining exploration data, and Basson states that the solution has proven to be highly-valuable to date. "The solution’s user-friendly interface ensures an exceptionally streamlined learning process for the students."

Basson points out that MICROMINE Africa has also supplied the students with the relevant training materials and data. "MICROMINE Africa has generously supplied us with the tools to reach solutions that are typically provided to international mining clients. This introduction to Micromine gives the students the upper hand in that it makes them familiar with 'real-life' mining scenarios."

According to Basson, Micromine is far more progressive than similar products on the market. "Many competitor solutions are extremely complex, and usually require software experts just to interpret basic data. The user-friendly interface and functionality of Micromine, which I use in my own consulting company, improves user confidence, and dramatically improves turnaround times and productivity as a result," he explains. 

Stellenbosch University B.Sc. Earth Sciences Honours student Benjamin Stoch believes that the introduction to Micromine has benefited all students. "Micromine has provided us with the opportunity to experience the challenges that we will one day face in the industry. It also provides us with an in-depth view on how to manipulate data sourced from mining operations, exploration campaigns and surveys, in order to achieve desired results."

MICROMINE Africa customer services manager Craig Peek reveals that the company is committed to supporting students that are looking to enter the mining exploration sector in Africa. "Enabling students to become proficient in the use of mining and exploration software from the outset is important to the future efficiency and sustainability of the local sector. MICROMINE Africa is committed to providing students with assistance and guidance wherever it can."





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