by Rizel Delano

Africa making a name for itself

As an emerging economy, it is Africa's turn to shine

Africa is a fast emerging economy and is set to grow with further investments

While Africa is making a name for itself globally as an up-and-coming emerging economy, there are still a number of challenges to overcome in terms of governance, protests, and labour strikes – but with Jacob Zuma remaining as president for yet another term, and wealthy businessman Cyril Ramaphosa becoming deputy president, business in South Africa looks to be taking a turn for the better. 

And, as SA is the gateway to the greater continent, with Africa proving to be a destination in which to conduct business – with a better return for investors due to a lack of foreign investment on the continent – this article looks at the challenges that exist as well.

Rather be better informed than uninformed in terms of the risks involved for future investors. Having all the facts can make all the difference.

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