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Large crowds gathered within confined spaces naturally present safety and security challenges. This is particularly true for sports stadiums, where it is often the case that tens of thousands of people come together to watch football matches or other events. Modern video technology helps stadium operators comply with regulations and enables security personnel to identify potential threats and to react quickly to any incidents.

Whenever a major stadium hosts a great concert or an exciting soccer match, a huge mass of people convene at the site. Growing numbers of visitors though also increase the risk of dangerous situations arising. Those can include objects being thrown onto the playing field or even the displaying of fireworks by fans. Unchecked crowds or brawls between fans are probably among the scenarios that security personnel fear most. In order to prevent such escalations from the start and to ensure the safety of fans and players, sophisticated video security systems are an indispensable tool to provide the necessary overview.

Roland Meier, director of Panomera Multifocal Sensor Systems with German video expert Dallmeier, explains: “To achieve visitor safety at all times, it is necessary to equip stadia with video information systems that enable operators and authorities to clearly identify and track individuals within groups of people and over large areas and distances.”

Using the Panomera® technology, a huge area can be monitored from a single location extremely efficiently, simultaneously combining the overall view with highest detail resolution. Less installation points mean faster project implementation, lower investment in technical infrastructure and reduced maintenance. Specifically, it has been demonstrated in practice that one Panomera® system equipped with eight sensors is capable of replacing up to 35 standard megapixel cameras.

 Stadium operators must find ways to reconcile the use of video technology with spectator’s expectations of worry-free entertainment. “Video systems at stadiums must be designed to be both effective and visible, yet must not affect the entertainment value of many events,” Meier reiterates.


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