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Ordering a new world


This year is a significant milestone for South Africa as it prepares to take over the chair of the BRICS group at the BRICS 2018 Summit in July.

Expectations are high that this year, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa will begin to pull together economically in a way that increases the prosperity of their respective populaces while reinforcing their individual sovereignty.

A particularly important aspect of this process is the establishment of a financial sphere that supports the BRICS economy without fear or favour.

For this to happen, it is essential that member countries have transparent and irreproachable financial relations internally and externally.

South Africa faces a tough challenge in gettings its financial house in order, with loss-making institutions that have been pillaged over the years, bringing the country to the brink of collapse through increasingly violent service delivery protests by a population sick and tired of empty political rhetoric.

For South Africa to be able to benefit truly from the historical opportunity that BRICS 2018 represents, all stakeholders at every level need to do their utmost to ensure that transparency and good faith become the cultural bedrock on which the economy of the future will be built.

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