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Natural Gas hits the road on a larger scale

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Through an efficient road distribution system, Virtual Gas Network supplies large scale industries with Natural Gas. In South Africa Natural Gas is in high demand, and industries should implement conversions sooner rather than later, to ensure access to the lower gas prices. Virtual Gas Network is currently delivering Natural Gas to its customers in uninterrupted supply, to the equivalent of up to 736 400 Litres of Diesel per site.

Natural Gas has a multitude of industrial uses, many manufacturing processes require heat to melt, dry, bake, or glaze a product. Natural Gas is consumed primarily in the paper, pulp, metals, stone, plastic, chemicals, glass and food processing industries. Some of these industrial applications include similar uses found in residential and commercial settings, such as heating, cooling, and cooking. However the energy demand is usually on a greater scale in the industrial sector, this makes the demand for a reliable and economical source of energy vital.

Combustion machinery, such as boilers and burners require significant amounts of consistent energy for uninterrupted production. Natural Gas is able to provide a consistently high energy heat; this makes it a powerful fuel, with the capacity to fire various - high-energy demanding - machinery. Despite it being a powerful fuel, Natural Gas has fewer impurities, it is less chemically complex, and its combustion generally results in less pollution.

Natural Gas burns cleaner than most fossil fuels; it improves equipment and plant performance and reduces maintenance by lessening the build-up of carbon residues and stench within components, which leads to increased production time.

Mining is one of South Africa’s biggest industries, unfortunately, most mineral substances that were closer to the surface have been extracted and are no longer available. For this reason, mining operations are required to dig deeper for valuable underground materials. As miners go deeper, enormous amounts of energy are used to power equipment and operate trucks. Due to the increase in energy requirements, Natural Gas has increasingly become an energy source of great preference. An increase in energy consumption consequently leads to an increase in operating costs. The price of Natural Gas does not increase with oil and petrol prices; it is a logical fuel option for large energy consumers who are looking to generate profit without compromising on quality and time. 

In contrast to the combustion of oil and wood, Natural Gas produces less carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter. The reduction in carbon dioxide could affect personal health, the environment, and the atmosphere and reduce your carbon tax.

Natural gas has innumerable uses in various industries, with new applications and technologies being developed every day, Natural Gas plays an important role in the success of productive, cost-effective and environmentally sound industries globally.

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