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Future of mobile staff communication

New Toughshield smartphone offers stable connectivity and unlimited communication.

The Toughshield utilises the latest in 'push to talk' technology which allow users to communicate to a group or individuals at a push of a button. 

The Toughshield trumps traditional two way radios by offering a highly stable connectivity and unlimited communication without the need for antennas or radio wave towers. 

The Toughshield also utilises the latest in near field communication technology to ensure the most efficient workflow management system to date. 

The ability to scan NFC tags at given locations that prompts users to perform given tasks ensures service delivery is of the highest standards. 

Nellis Basson, director of Instacom pronounced: “Until now, we have provided our customers with a range of two-way radio and tracking systems, but the Toughshield will take our offerings to a whole new level."

For additional information about the Toughshield contact them on 087 941 2624 or at Additionally, visit our website at 

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