by Shannon Roscher

Interested in a restaurant franchise?

Here are a dozen reasons to buy a Maxis franchise

The food industry is highly competitive.

Bronwyn Oliveira, Brand Manager of Maxi’s, a family restaurant chain that forms part of the Taste Holdings group, explains why selecting the right franchise brand is probably the most important decision an entrepreneur will make during his or her working career.

At Maxi’s we understand that owning and potentially managing your own business could simultaneously be one of the most thrilling, rewarding and challenging  business experiences in the life of an entrepreneur.

Whilst exciting times lie ahead for these business people, they should also be aware of potential pitfalls, as statistics indicate that only approximately 20% of all new businesses will succeed. As such deciding on a restaurant as your business of choice is often considered a risky decision, as the food market is undoubtedly a highly competitive one, and is saturated with a variety of choices and competing prices, which is why it is so important to partner with a successful food franchisor instead.   

In light of these factors, people have to be able to answer yes to the dozen questions below, to see if they are suited to the restaurant business:

1.  Am I a hands-on operator?

2.  Am I willing to work long hours?

3.  Am I prepared to protect my brand?

4.  Am I a service and people orientated person?

5.  Am I willing to go the extra mile for my customers and my brand?

6.  Am I prepared to learn?

7.  Am I prepared to add value?

8.  Am I a proactive or reactive person?

9.  Am I non-discriminatory?

10. Do I understand the importance of national operational standards?

11. Do I understand that increased involvement at store level is equal to increased profits?

12. Do I have the prerequisite finances?

I don’t ask these questions to scare you from the prospect of owning your own restaurant, but to merely highlight the realties you will face. Studies have shown that attempting to tackle the food industry by yourself is an extremely risky proposition, which is why I am advocating that you rather put your faith – and your investment - in a tried and tested franchise success story such as  Maxi’s 

With 70 trendy quick-service sit down restaurants in operation across all nine provinces in South Africa, Maxi’s is rapidly becoming the number one family restaurant nationwide, and therefore has a strong brand following. 

Having been entrenched in the food and franchising industry since its inception in Pretoria in 1993, and having won the Franchise Association of South Africa’s Brand Builder of the Year award, consumers understand what to expect from the Maxi’s brand, and as importantly, know what to pay for a superior wholesome meal offering served in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Potential franchisees realise that this family restaurant chain provides meaningful career and investment opportunities through attentive franchisor guidance, training and mentoring.

They also understand  that Maxi’s is committed to giving back to the communities in which team members and franchisees live and work to help provide a higher quality of life, and that we aim to create an organisation that all stakeholders are proud to be involved in.

 If you can relate to this ethos, and have the passion to reach the highest echelons of success in the restaurant chain industry, and really desire to own a business with a proven recipe for financial success, then Maxi’s is the company for you.

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