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The Lay Of The Land

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Mpumalanga, situated on the northeastern flank of the country, borders a number of other provinces and has a common border with the independent Republic of Mozambique and Swaziland. The province has a population of 3 million people accounting for 7% of the country’s total population. Mpumalanga has a total area of 83 000 km2
accounting for 6% of South Africa’s total landmass.
In addition to its capital, Nelspruit, the province has a number of major industrial cities, namely Witbank, Middelburg and Secunda that host some of the major industrial complexes of South Africa. The Gross Geographic Product (GGP) of the Mpumalanga Province is R94.5 billion/US$15.75 billion (2005). This economy is comparable to that of Tanzania, Iceland, Panama and Jordan.

Economic Diversity

The South African Province of Mpumalanga is the powerhouse of Africa’s fastest growing region, offering trade and investment opportunities in industries as diverse as stainless steel, petro-chemicals, timber, forestry, agriculture and tourism. In the recent years the province has experienced an unprecedented economic growth rate, above the national average. With an economy more than twice the size of Botswana and Zimbabwe, Mpumalanga is the heartland of the Maputo Development Corridor, Africa’s first major Public-Private Partnership. The economic structure of the Province is diverse. The manufacturing sector accounting for 19% of the GGP is represented by major sub-sectors such as: stainless steel, chemicals and petro chemicals, paper and paper products, timber products and a variety of down stream industries as a result of raw materials and feed stocks available in the Province from industry.
The mining sector, accounting for 18% of the GGP, is substantially represented by the coal mining in the Province, providing input for the country’s major power stations. In addition, the Province is also renowned for granite, marble, iron ore, vanadium, manganese and a variety of clays used in the ceramic industry.

The agricultural sector accounting for 5% of the GGP is broadly divided into two components, namely: food and non-food agriculture.
The food sub-sector represents production of cash crops such as maize and sunflower seeds, in addition to a wide variety of citrus, tropical and sub-tropical fruits and vegetables.
The non-food sub-sector represents production of cotton, wool and tobacco in the Province. The tourism sector, accounts for 8% of the GGP. This province is internationally known as one of South Africa’s foremost tourist destination.
In addition to the Kruger National Park being its most famous destination, there are 70 other game reserves and lodges. Mpumalanga a resource hub.

The province is host to a number of South Africa’s flagship resource companies, they include:
• Sasol – chemicals
• Columbus Stainless – stainless steel
• Sappi – paper
• Tsb Sugar – food processing
• Anglo American – minerals
• Kruger Park – tourism
• Rand Gold – minerals

As a result of the diverse economy and the presence of major resource companies there exists a wide variety of trade and investment opportunities in Mpumalanga Province.
This diverse economy is supported by world class infrastructure.


The Maputo Corridor, a four lane highway, serves as a spine, running across the Province and linking it to the Mozambique Port of Maputo providing a wide variety
of joint venture opportunities. The Maputo Corridor is the flagship of development projects, not only in Mpumalanga Province but also in Southern Africa as a whole.
A railway network, running parallel to the swift road transport facility, also links the industrial heartland of the Province to the Mozambican harbour of Maputo.
In addition Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport, KMIA some 22km north of Nelspruit came into operation during November 2002. This airport, with a runway some 3.2km long, is designed to handle large cargo and passenger aircrafts. Currently it is handling charter flights from Europe and North America.

The Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency (MEGA) is the official economic development agency of the Province of Mpumalanga.
MEGA’s vision is to be the leading catalyst for integrated economic development solutions through partnerships in Mpumalanga
MEGA’s mission is to promote economic growth and empowerment through sustainable enterprises
MEGA’s values are based on the following: 
• Integrity
• Accountability
• Transparency
• Professionalism
• Fairness
• Commitment

As the official trade and investment promotion, enterprise development and property management arm of the Provincial Government of Mpumalanga our objectives are to provide a one stop development service. MEGA through its Trade and Investment Division offers a variety of services to potential investors and trading partners.

For more information please contact: 
Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency
33 Van Rensburg Street Nelspruit 1200 South Africa
PO Box 5838 Nelspruit 1200
Tel: +27 13 752 2440 Fax: +27 13 755 1756

Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency
33 Scott Street Waverly Johannesburg South Africa
P O Box 285 Auckland Park Johannesburg 2006
Tel: +27 11 440 5757 Fax: +27 11 440 5745
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