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New Success DNA

Hattingh speaks at Pan-Pacific conference

Dr Brenda Hattingh, MD at the Centre for Power Intelligence in SA.
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New definitions of success, leadership and power are emerging, which will radically change the way we do business on a global scale.

Failure to keep pace with these new paradigms will spell disaster for corporations, financial and political leaders, says Dr Brenda Hattingh of the Centre for Power Intelligence in South Africa.

Hattingh addressed delegates on 4 June, at the 30th annual Pan Pacific Conference hosted by the University of Johannesburg's Faculty of Management, taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre from 3 to 6 June.

The event represents the first time this conference has met outside of the Pacific Rim.

Themed 'Forging the legacies of emerging economies', the meeting attracted participants from 18 countries.

Reporting on the findings of a five-year research project, Hattingh revealed that current symbols of success – the acquiring of possessions and positions – were increasingly regarded as narrow and were not conducive to progress in emerging economies.  

A shift in consciousness now taking place would result in internal factors of self-management and self-mastery becoming predominant factors in the concept of success.

She commented: "People are starting to live 'inside-out'. We are realising that we have the ability to create our own quality life and can influence people around us."   

Hattingh believes the future generation of leaders will be those who have adopted the change in mindset and are committed to influencing others to do the same.

"The power position of leaders is now moving from 'power over people' to developing 'power within people'.

"They will lead not only by what they do; leadership will be determined by the quality of a people they are and how they pave the way for others to follow," she said.

The change is further buoyed by current scientific research that revealed a new emerging DNA.   

Hattingh says: "What once were perceived as 'junk genes' are now turning out to be biological material with inherent higher emotional, mental, psychological and universal potential.  

"These keys to unlocking new levels of understanding, productivity and success are waiting for us to become conscious, reconnect and access this universal gift available to us.   

"The answers to many of our current problems lie within our ability to activate new human potential that will take us forward."

A business, corporate and leadership consultant, Hattingh believes leaders can be trained to develop what she termed 'New Success DNA'.  

"The tasks of business and government leaders of emerging economies are to fully understand the emerging New Success DNA, embrace the emerging potential and fast-forward a new success process that will benefit all."

We are, she proposed, in the process of developing anew 'power' intelligence – the conscious choice and ability to utilise our infinite potential and create success and prosperity for ourselves and others.

"In our changing world, many businesses, financial and also political leaders are unaware of this process and self-destruction is inevitable if we continue with the old paradigms," she cautioned.  

"The need for a new mindset and an encompassing value system is becoming evident."

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