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John Pinheiro – Managing Director


Who is Phillips Machine?

Phillips Machine Services Inc. was established in 1976 by brothers Jack and Jimmy Phillips in Beckley, West Virginia, USA. Since Phillips began its operation, the company has set the pace for equipment service and support with its success largely due to a philosophy initiated more than four decades ago:

“To utilize the most skilled people in the industry; provide a safe working environment; provide the best possible machine / components at the most cost efficient price; return our customers back to production as soon as possible; and increase our customers profitability.”

This philosophy remains the back bone of all our businesses around the world today and a key contributing factor for Phillips, having grown to be the largest full service company of its type globally. Today Phillips is an OEM and is involved in almost all phases of mining equipment, including rebuilding continuous miners, roof bolters, scoops and feeder breakers; remanufacture of shuttle cars; remanufacture of Coal Cutters, repair and remanufacturing of cutter drums; as well as the sale of used equipment.

Do you have representation in South Africa?

Phillips Machine introduced its product to South Africa prior 2007 through a distributor agreement, which did us no favours as far as reputation is concerned. For this reason, Phillips Machine, South Africa was established in 2007 with the above philosophy in mind for the local mining industry. Over the past twelve years, the company has developed its services from not only manufacturing OEM products (Shuttle Cars and Battery Scoops), but also refurbishing a wide ramge of mining equipment. This achievement has been made possible with a team of motivated personal who, combined, share over 110 years of mining experience.

How are you dealing with the current challenges in the South African market?

Over the past three years Phillips Machine South Africa has focused on the refurbishment of equipment to cater for the economic challenges that our customers are facing. These challenges have forced customers to repair rather than replace their equipment. We have, therefore, had to adapt to their requirements.

Our focus has shifted from suppling used equipment that has been patched and sold as “runners” at cheap prices, instead we supply fully refurbished equipment with a warranty at a higher price. This service not only eliminates the “unhappy customer” scenario when equipment is not reliable, and instead provides the customer with quality, reliable and productive equipment which we can support on a 24 hour basis. Additionally, we have started expanding our service to the Hardrock sector offering Engineering design, manufacturing and refurbishment of equipment.

Have you got any success stories you can share?

In 2014 Phillips Machine, South Africa was successful in the supply of fifteen Shuttle Cars to Sasol Mining. The Shuttle Cars included a number of experimental technologies, which did not perform to expectation in terms of reliability and operating cost. The Phillips team committed itself to solving the challenges and worked with the customer to solve both technical and operational problems resulting in improvements in reliability, cost and ultimately productivity. These improvements assisted the customer to produce more than a million tons from a single production section over a twelve month period.

Given this opportunity, what would you like to tell your customers?

As a company, we listen to our customers, pay attention to detail, and deliver quality and exceptional service. Phillips Machine, South Africa is committed to supplying safe, reliable and quality equipment with the best aftermarket support possible. Over the past few years our team has developed and contains not only highly qualified, but extremely dedicated personal to ensure that we supply the best products to the industry. It is time to put the past behind us and look at the present in order to experience this exceptional product which will benefit your operation.

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