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Construction: Profits, projects and pressure Construction companies are taking a leap into the digital future
This year will see a digital leap forward as many construction companies explore implementing integrated business software into projects for the very first time. Tighter margins,
13 Aug 2019
Engineering News Natural Gas hits the road on a larger scale
Through an efficient road distribution system, Virtual Gas Network supplies large scale industries with Natural Gas. In South Africa Natural Gas is in high demand, and industries
19 Jul 2019
Positively Impacting The People Nweti Construction – an infrastructure and construction company to be reckoned with
Our biggest currency as a company and as a stakeholder is quality. It is through quality works that we continue to secure repeat business, harness and enhance our relationships
13 Jun 2018
EDUCATION Strengthening the SA's chemical industry
The chemical industry Seta is creating a Job ready workforce through digital platforms and partnerships.
08 Apr 2016
INFRASTRUCTURE Engineering the future
The road towards improving delivery of infrastructure and engineering services: A local government perspective
22 Mar 2016
Generation Y and Z Strategic HR can improve lot for new generations
Generation Y and Z – young people born in the 1980s and 1990s – have huge potential to play a positive role in building a much-needed new business environment.
17 Apr 2013 - Z. D.


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