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BEST PRACTICE RISK MANAGEMENT ECIC – Proudly Supporting South African Exporters and Investors
The Export Credit Insurance Corporation of South Africa (ECIC) was established 16 years ago, July 2001 when it was given the mandate of filling a market gap through the provision
11 Aug 2017
BRINGING TRADE INTO SOUTHERN AFRICA Anyone who has ever traded overseas understands the importance stablishing a relationship
Anyone who has ever traded overseas understands the importance of first establishing a relationship before proceeding to business. Knowing your competitors is vital to staying at
20 Apr 2017
ECONOMY Growing Pretoria
Pretoria continues to grow at an uninhibited pace in numerous high-growth nodes.
25 May 2016
SMME Services for Africa
Business Partners Limited, a leading risk financier for local small and medium enterprise (SMEs), has taken the first step to permanently expand its investment model across Africa
23 May 2016
VUSI KHUMALO Presidential SACCI insight
Strong people skills and the understanding of business processes helped SACCI President Vusi Khumalo to contend and manage different challenges and hurdles along the way.
25 Apr 2016
ENERGY Global investment
Looking at clean energy and redirecting resources to low-carbon, climate-resilient growth in the business world
07 Apr 2016
EQUITY Poised for a sweeter '16
Despite the volatile start to the year, could equity markets be poised for a sweeter ’16?
11 Mar 2016
FOREWORD Economic prospects
The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) is looking forward to be part of the engine that drives the agenda for South African businesses in 2016
08 Mar 2016
TRADE Unearthing Africa’s potential
Investigating Africa’s budding investment environments and what benefits it might have for local economies
22 Feb 2016
MINING Spotlight on mining
With the mining industry being the driving force behind South Africa's economy, the 2016 Mining Indaba will play a significant role in boosting investment in the mining world
08 Feb 2016


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